Bridging the gap in quality housing for vulnerable people

Praesidio Management creates affordable housing for the most vulnerable in society

Simply put, there are thousands of people who need homes that the government cannot house. We intend to help:

Domestic Violence Victims

Praesidio Management will bridge the gap.

We want to establish a property portfolio that puts tenants at the centre of the business, offers secure and quality accommodation and is financially viable. This will allow our housing partners to accommodate vulnerable people in homes that they would not normally have access to.

Our Business Model

For the last ten years, we have purchased and refurbished buy to lets, houses of multiple occupation (HMOs), mixed use and commercial to residential developments; the majority of which have been for the private sector.

Over the last 12 months we have developed close relationships with care providers, local authorities, housing associations, and investment funds to build a complete social housing ecosystem.

This gives us and our investment partners secure, reliable tenancies and exit options on each deal.

We are looking to help the following vulnerable tenant groups

Each person is an individual with their own needs and Praesidio Management will work with local authorities, housing associations, RP’s, CIC’s and charities to deliver homes that are fit for purpose.

Drug, alcohol and substance users in rehabilitation
We focus on people in rehabilitation
Mental health and learning difficulties
We know how important mental wellbeing is
Homeless people
We prioritise homes for the most vulnerable
Domestic violence victims
We help people escape abusive situations

Housing for the vulnerable

We have four key goals that drive our business decisions:

Provide safe and quality housing to vulnerable tenant groups.

Secure long-term leases with charities, local authorities and housing associations, between 5 to 20 years in length.

Offer investors the chance to help make a positive social impact while enjoying a competitive return on their investment.

Huge growth market backed by the UK government through housing benefit payments in high demand areas.